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The Luvanex Private Mortgage Program: 5 Benefits To Consider

The Luvanex Private Mortgage Program: 5 Benefits to Consider

Shelter is one of the basic necessities of life. We all need a house we can call a home. Home ownership comes with major challenges in third world countries like ours, in developed countries; home ownership is less difficult due to easy access to mortgage.

Mortgage is many things – it’s an obligation, an investment, and throughout its life, an opportunity to build equity and save money. While many components comprise the cost of a home’s mortgage, two key factors are interest rate and loan term.

The path to homeownership might seem particularly steep in a world where recession happens and home values continuously increase. The good news is that the Luvanex Private Mortgage Program is here to make home ownership seamless and achievable for mid-low income earners.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider the Luvanex Private Mortgage Program.

You can invest in people while you invest in real estate

There are many benefits that come with real estate investment but when you have the opportunity to invest in people, it makes it more than just an investment. It’s an impactful investment.

When you invest through our Private Mortgage Program, you put smile on someone’s face; make someone’s dream home achievable, while you also make your money grow.

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Affordable home ownership

The Luvanex Private Mortgage Program allows you to buy or lease a house without having to save up millions of naira in your bank account first. This means properties that would normally be out of your reach due to affordability will now be accessible. Also, this means you will have money available to you for life situations, good or bad, instead of spending it all on a home.

Convenient repayment

Our Private Mortgage loans are designed to make the home purchase and leasing process an easy one. It offers flexibility and convenience of loan repayment. Home buyers can spread the loan repayment for up to 10 years while rental home lender can spread the repayment up to 12 months.

Low interest rate for the lender

The bane of mortgage access in Nigeria is high interest rate which hovers between 20 – 25 percent and this is one of the major reasons for the low homeownership level in the country. A great deal of Nigerians dread mortgage options because they believe getting a mortgage is basically living in debts and due to prevailing high interest rates.

The Luvanex Private Mortgage Program is here to change that narrative by bridging the gap between the middle income strata of the society looking to rent or purchase dream homes to start and sustain their families by giving access to loans with low interest rates.

Speedy loan processing

Mortgage loan requests are processed within a 30-day period. Mortgage application requires some essential documentation. Speedy availability of required documents ready will enable disbursement within the stipulated time frame.

Entrusting your home buying or leasing process to the right mortgage provider is essential. Our experts are ready to help and guide you home. Contact us on +2348166203701 or visit

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