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Understanding How Project Monitoring Fits In The Nigeria Real Estate Lifestyle

Understanding How Project Monitoring Fits In The Nigeria Real Estate Lifestyle

Who doesn’t bite his or her tongue while on a treat to a sumptuous dish of jollof rice? Jollof rice is a product of the highly esteemed African culinary that displays a taste bud prowess which relatively numbs your senses and gives you a pleasant feeling you don’t want to get rid of.

Despite the unusual aura surrounding jollof rice, not everyone gets it right. Reason? Not everyone can cook jollof to its entirety and to its fullness. Jollof rice requires a certain level of culinary expertise. The next thing that comes to mind is visiting an eatery that is legendary for their jollof rice or perhaps a private chef/cook. If the former is your option, you may get the feeling next to heaven from well-cooked and assorted jollof rice. However, if the latter is your choice, it comes with a risk or risks.

Let’s picture a larger scenario. Jollof rice has not only become a trademark or a signature for Africans, it has also become a driver of nostalgia. The sight or the aroma oozing from a pot of jollof rice is enough to set you to a reminiscence of home. Say you are out and would want a plate of standard jollof waiting on your table, distance should not be a depriving factor to enjoy the benevolence of well-cooked jollof rice. But we cannot be oblivious of risks attending to such attempt. Two scenarios are bound to surface, a substandard plate of rice or burnt grains of rice. Either way, it is not a good outcome for a hungry and anxious soul and with the investment that must have been mobilized.

Not all cooks/chefs out there can give you an exact feeling of what you want even if you give a preferred recipe. Think allergies, think choices, think fat or protein, think seasoning, there are formulas to these that relate differently to individuals. Spending much and yet getting less than you desire is relatively a loss.

Building a home either in a close or distance location is like demanding for a standard plate of jollof rice. What satisfies a person more than building a house to a specific taste with no negative impact from your distance? The feeling is next to heaven, just like a steaming sumptuous plate of jollof rice. Surprisingly, getting jollof rice prepared to your taste is easier than having a building constructed to your desire in absentia. The best jollof rice is eaten when at home atleast, just like when you watch over the cook to ensure they perform correctly, so it is in terms of a good building project. A good project is a product of good planning, management and monitoring. But should distance then deprive you of a good meal or good building project at your desired location? Of course, not! I am of the opinion that everyone has an undeniable right to desire and acquire the best of anything irrespective of their location.

Let’s be analytical, think of things that could allow a great meal like jollof elude you in its quality or a great building project back home? Your cook or building contractor could have mismanaged your resources. Your cook or project manager could have procured bad stocks or materials? Moreover, your absence is still the main cause.

Now we have the possible cause listed, can we think our way round it? Have you thought of monitoring it yourself? I thought as much.

Let me burst your brain, it doesn’t work again. Whoever your monitoring eye is, stands the same chance to make your Jollof rice or building project come out badly. Not in this situations where trust and expertise is unaccountable on the side of your monitoring eye. Well, the best option until now is to be on ground yourself, quote me “until now”.

Being on ground becomes more expensive looking from the side of logistics involved, well, it was the best, not anymore. Can we think of assigning a relative to look over the building? Well, as for me I bet it is an imminent pitfall for you in your dream building project.

Let me let the cat out of the bag, removing risk and minimizing cost for adequate project monitoring has been made easier when you hire a professional, transparent and accountable monitoring agent.

A professional, experienced and accountable monitoring agent or firm stands as a neutral party between the project manager and the owner hence delivering a transparent monitoring service tailored to the desired taste of the owner. With the advantage of full technicality and practice experience credited to their name, LuvanexBuilds can never be wrong with trust, accountability and professionalism.

Luvanex Builds is a trusted and the choicest project monitoring firm independently offering detailed, analytical and technical report on your project progress. From the commencement of your project to the finishing stage, Luvanex Builds gets you covered. Get an assurance on the outcome of your desired building project by choosing Luvanex Builds.

We offer a no-obligation free consultation and would be happy to save you from dissatisfaction.

I hope you found this helpful. Don’t forget to share the post and chat us up on any questions you may have concerning the Nigerian real estate industry. We would love to hear from you

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