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How Innovation Is Helping The Real Estate Sector

How Innovation is Helping the Real Estate Sector

Real estate is not a new sector. In as much shelter is a basic and major need of man, so we can trace the genesis of real estate to the existence of man. The habitation of man, which is the crude description of real estate, is a sector that has experienced disruption with time.

Technology has made life easy, from how land is procured with all associating legal variables to how properties are sourced, procured and developed. These are all witnesses to the touch of innovation. Gone are the days when land is quantified by a stone being thrown. Trees and erected signal as markers of land perimeter are now moribund. The era of manual surveying and building architectures are gone. The use of software is now prevalent in almost every phase of construction. Drones are now used for aerial photography in lieu of long distance walk measurement of acres of land.

Materials used in constructing buildings are also witnessing change. Before the inception of cement, mud and woods were the major materials used. Palm frond was being used for roofing before the advent of sophisticated materials like Aluminium roofing sheet.

Do you remember when you had to comb the length & breadth of streets in search of a vacant room or properties for rent? Yes, we talk of ‘remember’ because it is becoming an archaic way of getting apartments to rent. There are now property listing and search engine websites that have made this a click easy. Websites like,,,,, and many more are making properties searching and procurement done with no glitch. More so, real estate agents are now using technology to provide their service seamlessly. There are societies of real estate stakeholders embracing technology, an iconic example of that is BIM (Building Information Modelling). All these are the new cool breeze of change the technology has fanned on the real estate industry.

Factually every stage of the real estate industry has experienced a dynamic change conveyed by unpredictable pitching technology. The innovations are maximizing the outcome of investment on the real estate with capital inputs hence, increase in productivity. Processes of building property are now hassle free venture with unnecessary overheads being eliminated. Dealing with important issues that pose glitches in building projects with the use of technology and its tools, seamlessness is now the experience of informed stakeholders.

More so, the latest innovation that has been welcomed in the real estate sector is the emergence of professional project monitoring agents. This is tackling the crucial concerns of people that are far away from the location of their building project. Prior to now, trust and professionalism have been a questionable factor when assigning a relative or friend the responsibility of overseeing a project while the owner is absent. Either at the side of the supposed monitoring eye or the building contractor, there have mostly been records of dissatisfaction from the project owner. You don’t need to abort or abandon your building project just because of your absence. Uncertainties should not impede your real estate project because of the issue of trust. It is an era of innovation, life is easier, and your building project too should be delivered easily. Luvanexbuilds is the figure of innovation that has anchored disruption in project monitoring in the Nigerian real estate sector.

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