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Who Should I Trust With My Building Projects?

Who Should I Trust With My Building Projects?

Project monitoring firm or friends/relative as a project monitoring agent? This is a common question in the mind of project owners who are not on ground to monitor their project.

The answer to this question is determined by how much risk one is willing to bear. Relatives or friends should be good enough to bank on in terms of trust and accountability. However, dissatisfying reports from the outcome of projects monitored unprofessionally has made the use of friends/relatives as a project monitoring agent unhealthy. Albeit, project owners still engage their relatives or friends to monitor their project in their absence. The reason may be due to either their slim choice or ignorance. However, there are projects that have been successful under the monitoring of family/relative.

To steer clear of unprecedented problems in your project, whoever you choose as your project monitoring personnel must possess the required qualities which are:


This is the first quality considered in any business relationship. Trust should be the fundamental quality your monitoring eye must possess. The fundamental reason of project monitoring assignment is trust. The question of trust should be honestly answered without emotional attachment.


Your friend or relative used as project monitoring agent should be accountable for the actions and decisions made in respect to the project. There must be explanation given on critical steps taken during the course of project development and management.


A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity. Honesty and open-mindedness are important characters a good monitoring agent must possess. A good project monitoring agent should be able to give a detailed feedback on the project.


Project monitoring is not limited to giving the day to day activities of project development. The project report must give detailed information on the technicality of the project; hence, a project monitoring agent should be well-grounded with knowledge of project technicality. A project monitoring personnel should be able to give elaborate report without the dictate of the project contractor.


Project monitoring demands competence and skill. A project report needs to be handled professionally. It should be a report that reflects deftness, expertise and professionalism. Professionalism is required in observing, moderating and reporting projects. There is a standardized performance metric used in monitoring project professionally which gives detailed and concise report. If your friend or relative is not a professional project monitoring personnel, the risk of undetailed report abounds.


Expertise is a product of experienced garnered from practice. A chance of successful monitoring of project is ruined with inexperienced project monitoring agent. Question to ask is if your proposed monitoring agent has good years of experience in project monitoring or management.

If your friend or relative possesses the above qualities, your project monitoring service is in perfect hands; otherwise it is advisable to consult a project monitoring firm. The best method to avoid unnecessary and unprecedented project errors is to employ the service of a project monitoring firm. Project monitoring firms like Luvanex Builds has every qualities required to deliver a professional monitoring service for your project in Nigeria. You know you can never be too careful or rather too careless.

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