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What 30% Of People That Don’t Use Project Monitoring Firms Are Missing

What 30% of People that Don’t use Project Monitoring Firms are Missing

In a micro-survey developed by Luvanex Build, it was discovered that 70% of people will employ a project monitoring agent/firm rather than a friend/relative to monitor their project in absentia. The survey which spanned through genders has garnered a general statistics of people’s interest in either the choice of project monitoring firm or a relative/friend as a monitoring agent. 

pie chart

Fig 1.0: Pie chart representing the result of a micro-survey comparing the choice of respondents on using friends/relatives for project monitoring and employing a professional project monitoring firm.

There are reasons given by respondents from the survey. The reasons are listed below:


This is the major reason why most of the respondents prefer a project monitoring firm. More than 80% of respondents in support of project monitoring firm have put their reason of choice on the issue of trust. The issue of trust is important in business so it is in project management. The credibility of family/friend to act in a capacity of a project monitoring agent cannot be vouched for due to uncertainty about trust.  Trust is the fundamental ethics of project monitoring. It gives level of confidence the project monitoring on the veracity of reports presented by the monitoring personnel. A project monitoring firm is an official and corporate middleman between the project execution team and the project owner. The relationship between the project monitoring agent and the owner is built on trust. 


Independence is another major reason why people will cast their lot on project monitoring firm. The neutrality of project monitoring firm in delivering project reports void of the third party influence is an advantage to the choice. However, the neutrality of a relative/friend is susceptible to influence due to an unprofessional handling of the project monitoring. Independence promotes transparency and gives honest report on the state and progress of projects.


The experience of a family/relative used as a project monitoring firm is unrecorded and immeasurable. Expertise is uncertain with an unrecorded and unpractical field experience. A project monitoring firm is a registered agent with measurable expertise and experience. The issue of familiarity with the technical aspect of the project poses no skepticism in a project handled by a project monitoring firm.

Safety and accountability

Everyone wants to be safe, so it is in project management. Security and accountability are very important when entrusting project monitoring to a professional agent or relatives/friends. Project monitoring should only be in the hand of personnel that can be held accountable for decisions made on the projects. Issue of fund mismanagement has caused problems in relationship because funds cannot be accounted for. It is safer to employ the service of a registered and established agent in project for monitoring service. 


Report is the major proof of an effective monitoring service. At the point of giving report on the project, professionalism is effectuated. Report, in whatever format, is meant to be done with details on crucial parts of the project. At every stage of project monitoring, there is established performance metrics used to qualify and quantify the progress of project. The use of technology to provide reports can only be done professionally without iota of hassle. For these to be done, a professional monitoring agent is required.

Majority can hardly be wrong. It is better to be on the safest side in your project than risking the service of a relative/friend. LuvanexBuilds bridges the gap between project execution team and the project owner in absentia. LuvanexBuilds is a professional project monitoring firm you can trust with your project.  

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