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New Year’s Real Estate Investment Resolutions

New Year’s Real Estate Investment Resolutions

2020 is almost here and people have begun making resolutions for the incoming year. Have you made your New Year resolutions? Did you include any real estate investment? All major life events must be prepared for and so is real estate investment. It is essential to take this time to set goals on real estate investment for the coming year.

Wondering why you need to make real estate investment resolutions? Simple, real estate is a part of daily life and investing in it will not only add value to you in multiple effect, but it’s also a way to secure your future. So if you have ever said, “I’m finally going to invest in real estate this year”, there are no more excuses not to smash that goal in 2020. Here are four moves you may want to consider to make for a brighter investment outlook.


Land Investment: Having a land you can call yours is a good start to real estate investment.  Land is a tangible asset that doesn’t wear out or depreciate. You can buy a land to build, or to re-sell later. Acquiring plots of land is the easiest and most profitable form of real estate investment especially when you purchase in areas that are bound to develop in the near future.

House key

House Investment: Buying a house gives you the opportunity to make investment decisions in your desired property type and choice area. You can invest in property for personal or commercial purpose. If it’s for personal use, you no longer have to struggle with paying rent and if it’s for a commercial purpose, a steady flow of income is guaranteed for you. Property in Nigeria yields a healthy return on investment for both short-term and long-term investors as there is a high demand for it.

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Kick Start Your Building Project: If you own a piece of land already, erecting a structure on it is a great step to achieving your property ownership dream. Building a house is both one of life’s exciting experiences, and biggest investments. It involves a lot of funds however, with proper planning, it is achievable. Building the home of your dreams is definitely a worthwhile investment goal to check off your resolution list in 2020.

Entrust Your Project to a Capable Hand: Handling your project to an inexperienced hand can be exhausting and financially draining. It is a costly investment decision you need to avoid in the year ahead. Either its purchase of land, house or commencement of your building, entrusting it to a reputable company like Luvanex Builds will ensure your resolution for the year is achieved seamlessly.

New Year’s resolutions are not always about starting anew. Sometimes, it’s about building on the good work you have already, or it can be about correcting past mistakes and doing better next time.

It is not enough to set a New Year’s resolution. You need to create a workable plan and make use of industry experts like Luvanex Builds to achieve these goals. With the right goals and strategies, 2020 can be your year to build your property portfolio.

If you are looking to reach your real estate investment goals in 2020 Luvanex Builds will help you make it a reality.

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