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5 Things To Avoid In Project Monitoring

5 Things to Avoid in Project Monitoring

As much as project monitoring is important in project management, there may be actions and practices that may make it unsuccessful. The purpose of project monitoring to project management can only be fulfilled when done seamlessly. Project monitoring requires expertise and professionalism; it is not a soft skilled job. There are precautionary measures in project monitoring one need to know during project monitoring. These are things to steer clear off in order to have an effective project monitoring service.

Avoid monitoring it yourself: Project owners tend to saddle themselves with the responsibility of monitoring their project. Since the advent of project monitoring firms in the real estate industry, employing the service of monitoring agent or firms have ousted self-monitoring as the best monitoring practice. Either you have your project site located close to you or in a distance away; it is safer to have a monitoring firm for your project. Self- monitoring your project sounds good until you face the technical aspects of your projects where only the experienced and professionals can measure.

Avoid being sentimental in choice: This is another mistake one is susceptible to make. While choosing your project monitoring firm, it is safer to choose a neutral agent with no emotional attachment. This is important when things go wrong, issue of emotional reservation will not arise. This will give you freedom of expression while making remarks on the report from the monitoring service.

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Avoid prioritizing cost over value: Prioritizing cost of monitoring over value should be avoided. It is gruesome mistake to put cost at the main front while considering a monitoring service plan to subscribe to. Every valuable thing deserves its value. In other words, the best service might be the most expensive; however, the cost should not be the primary determinant of your choice of monitoring plan. Your priority should be to choose the monitoring plan that suits your project. Parameters to look out for in this context might be the time frequency, quality of work and report format, these are the measures of the value.

Avoid interfering: There is a saying that goes with this; you pay smart people for them to tell you what to do, and not for you to tell them what to do. Interference with the service of a project monitoring agent should be pegged at zero level. They are neutral, professional and experienced agent; hence, they have the potential of delivering the best standard of project monitoring service. Your project monitoring agent should be trustworthy, accountable and transparent that you can invest in their report.

Avoid being rigid: The main aim of project monitoring is to measure and evaluate the progress of a project. In the process of project monitoring, there is always room for changes. The change could be to enforce compliance with the already established plan or to add a new feature. In whatever way, do not hesitate to make an advancement of change to your project.

Project monitoring is imperative in project management. It is the soul of phases in project management. It checkmates excesses and deficiencies in project execution.

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