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How Technology May Affect The Future Of Project Monitoring

How Technology May Affect The Future of Project Monitoring

Project monitoring is an integral and indispensable part of project management. It is a step which assures the adherence of the project plan with execution. Project monitoring involves monitoring construction schedule, cost, progress and quality while providing support services such as instruction and clarification to contractors as required. There have been several tools used in both processing and presenting monitoring results. These tools are the medium through which the validity, authenticity and the technicality of a project monitoring service is measured. The adequacy of project monitoring service is dependent on the efficiency of the tools and method mobilized for this purpose.

The advent of technology has opened ways to the emergence of sophisticated, efficient, durable and fast tools in the real estate industry. In the ideal state in project monitoring, pictures, videos and written assessment report are the major presentation formats. These presentations are product of monitoring and assessment carried out with the use of modern technology. Though, the expertise of project monitoring transcends the use of instruments. Experiences, professionalism and transparency are very relevant in assessing the expertise and efficiency of a project monitoring service.
Advancement has been anchored by the ever dynamic technology, hence the new smarter method and tools used in project monitoring. Apart from the ubiquitous use of camera and professional observation, there are more sophisticated tools that can be mobilized to give optimum monitoring output.


UAV Technology
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle which is popularly called drones is one of the biggest innovations witnessed in the real estate industry. This technology has made expensive and unaffordable methods become accessible at economical friendly cost. Prior to now, aircraft is mobilized for supervision or surveying of vast area of land. The inception of UAV (Drone) has not only made land surveying easy and affordable but has also made project monitoring advance in coverage with respect to time. With integration with 3D mapping technology, UAV can be used to assess and monitor progress of construction activities on a site, irrespective of size. This copulation presents detailed maps of project site that can be engaged in measuring stockpiles and planning for logistics on the site. UAV coupled with 3D mapping technology is of great use at the point of presentation of project. It gives an advance and realistic reports on the state of construction project.

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Virtual Reality

Visual Reality (VR)
VR is an intelligent shift in an era of technology; it is certainly a disruptive innovation in general uses. This technology is striving to bring imagination into realism. It is a technology which also enables the possibility of sharing a view of an element from an isolated position. Virtual 3D walkthrough is a system that allows a detailed and concise view of progress in a project. This technology enables wide coverage and zoomed observation of specific features. It is also disruptive in the project monitoring service in that it provides a system of remote monitoring. There is possibility of remote inspection, monitoring and validation of construction activities on the project size. Proper and concise examination of structural elements and parts is relatively easy with Virtual 3D walkthrough.

We are a team of expert with consciousness of revolutions ushered by technology. In our bid to create a more satisfactory and professional monitoring service on projects, we are updated and equipped with smart tools and methods. We are poised at keeping abreast of necessary and latest technological tools to enhance our delivery toward an optimum project monitoring service. Trust us with your project; we deliver monitoring service with the most sophisticated logistics.

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