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5 Headaches That Plagues You When Buying Or Building In Nigeria & Their Solutions

5 Headaches That Plagues You When Buying or Building in Nigeria & Their Solutions

When it comes to buying or building a property in Nigeria especially in fast developing cities in Lagos but not limited to, there are many factors that would come to play. This where you need guidelines so as to not fall into the wrong or grossly incompetent hands. These are the things that are a blister to us getting our projects to a satisfactory condition.

Location: Where would be the best place to buy or build? 

This can be a real bummer as there are a lot of mistakes that can be made here, the neighborhood a property is in can play a huge role in valuation and first buyers or builders bother themselves so much on just investing as they do not conduct proper research so as to prevent the dreadful property environmental imaginary value cap.

Solution: Proper budget and investment oriented research should be conducted prior to the purchase by a real estate firm, you can chat us up if you need this through any of our social media platforms or our website chat system. We would be glad to help you save a lot of headaches.

Budget: What would it cost me to buy or build?

It is funny how this should not be an issue but it is, due to the presumptuous factors new buyers, builders and investors leave out such as the research, architecturial development, labor, project monitoring, project management etc. There would be a goldmine in counting incomplete  projects and receiving one dollar on each in Nigeria, I reckon the participants of this census would go home millionaires. This is due to the lack of proper budget reports.

Solution: This is a rhetorical as it would be wise to find a real estate agency that handles budget research reports. You can reach us as well right now, we would be glad to be of help.

Project Length: How long would it take?

The length of a real estate project shouldn’t be a problem as it usually involves a reasonable sum right? Absolutely not! It’s the norm to be impatient and can be caused by a need of swift construction depending on the project but all can go haywire and extreme at this point, as project accountability flies straight out the window in the airof desperation.

Solution: This where you have the need to understand why you need a project monitoring firm to work with you hand in hand as to ascertain that the work is what it should be. Also a firm that understands the priority of things to be done at the right time. This is what we do and we would be glad to save you this headache.

Project Quality: How proper is the building in regulation and standard to the state rules and policy?

This is a little self explanatory because if you are building, you would understand that the project quality is not just a thing of personal standard but also governmental as well as environmentally challenging to increase your property value if the quality of construction is messed up. This could lead to future renovation and unnecessary and avoidable extra building cost.

Solution: Hiring a real estate project management firm like us would be the best bet to avoid this mistake.

Project Security : Are all things in perspective and genuine?

This is all about vetting or verifying the genuineness of all things in your real estate project, from land to the roofing pricing this plays a major role in building cost hike or drop.

Solution: This shouldn’t be your headache if you hire a realty firm to mange your projects. We would be glad to point you in the right direction.

I hope you found this helpful. Don’t forget to share the post and chat us up on any questions you may have concerning the Nigerian real estate industry. We would love to hear from you

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